Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Reasons to Extract : Part One

Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Reasons to Extract : Part One

On my last visit to the Dentist, they once again suggested to get my wisdom teeth pulled. The usual reasons for it to be pulled would be problems with it growing in. My wisdom teeth grew in perfectly, except for one. They suggested me to pull all of them, because I’m developing cavities on them. Being really scared, I decided to do it anyways.

I set up 2 separate appointments. One with my in house specialist at my Dentist office. One with an oral surgeon for my impacted tooth. Impacted means that it has not fully grown out, and does not seem like it will before problems arise. Remember, pulling your teeth will always be up to you, you’re never forced to do it – maybe pressured a bit.

I waited 2 weeks for my appointment with my oral surgeon. While I waited to get my teeth pulled, I researched all I could about wisdom teeth removal. It is always a good idea to get more of an understanding of what you’re getting yourself into, and the potential negatives.

Reasons to get your wisdom teeth pulled:

Pain. If they are growing out, or your living with it fully grown, with abnormal pain, taking them out is probably better.

Growing in sideways. Take them out before they destroy your 2nd molars. Which will happen, and will be even sadder.

If you feel you do not have enough room for them to grow in, take them out before they grow. They say the younger you take them out the easier and better.

Cavities. Do it because you’re probably not able to clean your wisdom teeth properly. You should pull them before the cavities spread to all your teeth…

Those are the main reasons to pull your teeth. If they have room to grow and you can keep them cavity free and they have no issues otherwise. You are the lucky ones, who are fine to have all 32 teeth.The other reason you don’t have to pull any wisdom teeth out, you are not born with wisdom teeth. Yes, there is a small percentage who are not born with wisdom teeth – lucky.

The day of my appointment came, and I was driven to my oral surgeon. I went in and freaked out big time. I cried with a great passion and left without taking doing the “minor surgery”. I am not embarrassed at all, who is mentally prepared for having their teeth pulled from their skulls? Sure, the idea that you can be knocked out and that you’ll be numbed out helps, but still.

The mental stress of having to pull out my teeth, and the fact that it is called a minor surgery – all frightening for a person who has never had surgery. Not to mention the possibilities of complications, and the inability to eat food properly for a few weeks. And to have holes in your mouth where your missing teeth will be for a while. And…Well, a lot of things to think about, but I do have an issue with cavities on them – inability to clean them properly. Unfortunately, these lovely new  teeth must go so that my older teeth can be preserved.

Luckily, my other appointment is 2 weeks later…

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