It’s getting colder, bundle up and don’t catch a cold.

It’s getting colder, bundle up and don’t catch a cold.

“Unfortunately, I’ve caught a cold. The sudden change in weather from cold to hot, and from hot to cold, the wind blowing, the going to places, Ishouldhaveknowntobewearyofcatchingthisbloodycold cold. And it’s by far one of the more annoying colds. I’ve seen a doctor for it, but what use is it without proper rest? How am I suppose to get proper rest with all the things that are happening around me, and I have vacation soon? Well, hopefully this cold goes away by the time my trip to Osaka comes around – in a few more days!”

Which was suppose to be the beginning of this post and posted Friday of last week, but this cold got the better of me. I didn’t get the chance to go on my trip to Osaka, unfortunately, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying my time in Tokyo. I rested off and on since last week’s Friday and the beginning of this week for two days, but I had to get out and roam around the city streets the following days after.

After being inside for two days, the third day was just too much for me. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I had to get out and breathe some fresh air, to walk around and live a little! So I went out with the purpose of going to Tori-no-ichi festival at Asakusa, I left at 1PM and arrived somewhere around 5pm…
It was funny, I met up with some friends and we ended up eating lunch and getting a ticket to a free FlowerArranging class – that I’m going to go to tomorrow.

Anyways, eventually I get myself to the shrine – and there is still a line pray to the god(s).

                                         There are still long lines!


I think I missed the actual festivals of today though, since I didn’t see anyone waving any highly decorated rakes [which is the main attraction for this festival]. The highly decorated rakes is to bring in luck and wealth. I heard there was a ritual of shouting when buying the rake, but I didn’t see it today. There are two more festivals, Tori no Ni and luckily this year there is a Tori no San. Hopefully, I’ll see the exciting shouting next time I go.

                                       Stalls set up for the festival

Don’t worry, the doctor gave me medicine and I’ve been eating it.


It doesn’t taste good. You have to drink it. Pour it into your mouth and down it with a lot of water. I hold my nose while drinking it, it really does not taste good. Bleh. I heard that asian countries eat more medication than other countries? You’d think it would be the normal thing to either put them into pills or at least make them more delicious tasting, but nope not the case.

The proper way to use this is to drink it three times a day, one after every meal. You might or might not get a bit drowsy afterwards. Since it doesn’t taste so good…I don’t drink it everyday. Maybe that’s why I still have a bit of my cold left? Oh, I’ll be fine though – getting better!

I think I just realized I catch colds when I go abroad, cause this isn’t the first cold I have caught. It doesn’t seem to matter how long I stay at a place…I’ll catch a cold. Remember the next time you go abroad to bring proper medication with you, in my case I brought ADVIL – just in case.

[[I’ve added a small post before this one about Halloween, if you didn’t see it already.]]

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