A Prayer

A Prayer

-A short insert of what’s on my mind-

Orientation is tomorrow. I am quite conflicted about my feelings of how it will go. This will be the official start of my school semester in Tokyo, Japan. I am enthralled, yet frightened, of what may, or may not, come out of this experience. My five years of dreaming of this event is unfolding in front of me, and I can certainly tell you I will not close my eyes in this suspense thriller! I will be open-minded, and will attempt to participate as much as I can without being overwhelmed…At least this is my plan…

The excitement of being in Tokyo, the tiredness I’ve been feeling from my self-planned tours, and the uncomfortable sleep I’ve been having thanks to my interestingly hard futon bed – makes me wonder if I’ll be alright waking up tomorrow morning. I will try to wake up early to eat breakfast downstairs in the dinning room, and get myself ready to avoid rush hour – BUT I have this feeling I’m going to be stuck in the middle of rush hour, with my face squished against the glass window of the train, and revising my living situation for better sleep. The exaggerations of Japan, I really wonder if that one is true. Stay tuned for a longer post of my past weeks here in Tokyo, Japan. Some of your questions asked will be answered.

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